"Thanks to Cara and Rob for an hour filled with fun and laughter!  They, through their humor, illuminated what the disease of addiction is all about and that it IS possible to recover and be happy along the way.  

The smiles, giggles, belly laughs and very real joy in the eyes of our patients who wrestle on a daily basis with their real life issues of substance abuse was truly priceless.

Thanks again to Rob and Cara for giving back from their hearts.

Keep on laughing!"

NUMC Staff Member

“Thanks again for a really awesome show. People are still talking about it.”

Bob - Queens event.

“Thank you so much. It was one of the best comedy shows I have ever been to and I thank you for that. I was like laughing so hard my stomach was hurting.”

     Mike - Queens event

“Thanks to Rob and Cara for giving back the way you do. Great show. All the guys enjoyed it and are still talking about it this morning.”

Jim - Veteran’s facility

“I’ve been enjoying  Recover The Laughter each month not only for the laughs but also for the joy it brings our clients who are often at the lowest points in their lives. I once heard that comedy is just tragedy plus time. Cara and Rob skillfully make fun of the very real insanity only an addict can fully appreciate. Perhaps it's because it takes an addict to truly know an addict that their show brings the house to roaring laughter every time but what makes it even better is the fact  that their jokes are clearly outdone by their care and compassion for our addicts in early recovery.”

 Marie K, social worker and recovering addict.

"Thanks to Recover The Laughter and everyone who came out last Thursday for our St. Patrick's Day comedy show at the Showplace in Bellmore. We had a great crowd with plenty of young people in attendance and the message was clear: You can have a great time without drinking. It's a message that should be repeated as often as our young people are told otherwise."

Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D
Executive Director

“What a blast I had!! I didn’t stop laughing for an hour straight. Thanks to all the comics and their passion for laughter but most of all for their passion for putting smiles on the faces of those in question of sobriety and it’s many blessings. You showed us we could laugh again and there’s no better “drug” than that.

Jennifer M.
CK Post Patient

“What you do puts everyone here on an even playing field and that’s great.”
- CK post Patient

“This was the first time I’ve laughed in a looong time.”
- Talbot House Patient

“I was having a rough time today and you guys showed me I can still laugh and feel good. Thank you.”
- Phoenix House Patient

" What a great experience. It shed light in a humorous way, what alcoholism and drug addiction are about. The show was  absolutely amazing making me feel reassured and grateful for being amongst others that had gone through the same things I had. What was so refreshing was how the comedians took events and experiences that many addicts and alcoholics have gone through, that at the time were maybe hard to overcome, and presented them in a fun-loving way. It made me see once again, that the things I have done in my past were due to my addiction and now being in recovery I can make light of those once devastating and difficult times but most importantly, I don't have to dwell on the past, I can now live in the present. It was an absolutely fun laugh hearing from these people in recovery about the ironic and contradicting behaviors us addicts and alcoholics have. It brought to the surface many memories about how crazy life was and how great it is today. Thanks!" 

-William Paterson University student 

“I think that the best way to stay clean is to keep your memory green about where you came from, so that you don't have to repeat it. It's even better when you're able to laugh about it, find the humor in it. I really enjoyed the show, I could relate to alot of what they were saying."

-William Paterson University Student  

"Many times it is difficult for those who are not in recovery to understand what an addict or alcoholic has gone through. You were able to relay that message to the students in the audience who were not in recovery and empathize with our students who are in recovery...all through jokes, laughter, and humility. Our audience of students included individuals of varying age, race, sexual orientation, and mental health status...all who enjoyed the show equally. The comedians caused laughter and smiles to fill the room and those walking through nearby hallways to come in and join the fun.” 

- Katie - William Paterson University Staff Member 


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